Cody Chastain is a computer genius! At the age of 10 he started gaming on computers. Within a short year he had moved into DOS. All of which was not challenging enough so he quickly moved into reading and writing code. In his early teenage years he started physically building computers. At 15 he enrolled into a Tech school but was not allowed to start classes until he turned 16. Shortly after starting school, Cody’s life plans changed. September 11th affected Cody him deeply and he decided to volunteer to protect our country!



17 years old, Cody went through the US Army basic training and started as land combat missile system repairs. Working on JAVLIN and Tow Missile systems, Cody repaired electrical circuits for missile guidance systems. At 18 he began working on software and firmware for missile systems. All this while writing code for private sector companies in his free time. Excelling tremendously, the military quickly moved Cody at age 19 to Military Intelligence! He began computer programing/ code writing into classified sectors for the military.  



During his ten years in the military, Cody completed Micro and Cisco certifications. He completed VOIP systems – telecommunications Voice Over Internet Protocol certifications. On the side he worked with projects for TCP/ IP protocol and cyber security, as well as coding websites for private sectors. For fun, Cody continued to build gaming computers for himself, friends and to sell.


When Cody was 25, his whole life changed. His military career ended abruptly and he was forced into medical retirement. He was ambushed in Iraq and suffered injuries that forced retirement. The med board process took three and a half years. During this time Cody attended ITT Tech for cyber security. After completing his med board process, he relocated to Florida. Cody enrolled himself into a college in South Florida.

Cody excelled rapidly, he tested out for computer hardware and computer repair. During his time at the college, he obtained C++ and A+ certifications. Because of his knowledge and background in military intelligence he tutored people in his free time. He completed network engineering and security. His time in Florida was also spent consulting internet marketing and website design to locals wanting to get into the industry. Testing security protocols and firewalls for websites for private sectors was something Cody enjoyed doing regularly. His passion for motorcycles and technology also brought in income because Cody started reprogramming ECU and remapping fuel curves for performance optimization.


At 28 Cody relocated to Colorado where he enrolled in Airframe and Powerplant at RedStone in Colorado for working on commercial airlines. After completing his degree at RedStone, Cody was offered a job working in west texas in the oil fields. Seeing how advanced he was, he was quickly transferred to Chevron. Cody worked on VOIP systems and networking for Oil Fields on Chevron plants, working directly with diagnostic equipment cat5 cabling cat6.



Using the money from the oil fields, Cody invested in a smoke shop/ e cig shop in FL. He relocated back to Florida and started internet and social media marketing. Wanting to give back, he also invested in a CBD company to help fellow war soldiers with PTSD. Using his amazing skills be began internet and social media marketing for the CBD company as well as the smoke/ ecig shop. The CBD company is still open and growing daily! The company focuses on helping individuals with pain, mentally and physically. Currently it is specializing in PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Parkinson’s and Tremors!  


Currently Cody is coding websites for private sectors and consulting for online marketing- main focus in social media marketing. After 20 years of exploring photography, Cody has chosen to pursue photography as a part time career. As much as he enjoys doing work online, consulting and designing, his true passion is photography. Cody has decided to continue working online as well pursue his career in photography! He enjoys taking pictures of landscapes, finding beauty in the chaos we live in.